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Useful Utilities and Applications

Here are  a few utilities and applications we have collected during our 25 yrs as a computer group.

Some of these are free but some are either shareware or very reasonably priced. All are, in our opinion, of such value that we have decided to include them along with all the free stuff.

Each download selection is provided with a brief description of its uses and cost (FREE or Price).

We hope this collection will help you maintain a more powerful, trouble free, and enjoyable computer.

And now for the necessary disclaimers...

All of these downloads are provided to you in good faith and without profit to ourselves. It is beyond the scope of our control to assure that those who download and/or use these utilities and applications possess sufficient experience, knowledge, and skill to use them properly, and as such, we can not and do not accept any liability for their use.

All downloads are provided as a courtesy and we make no claim, nor accept no liability for their use or fitness for a particular task.

Those who are not comfortable or do not possess the required knowledge and skill are advised to seek professional assistance.

ACDsee - $49.00   Download the Trial

ACDSee is a photo catalogue / viewer and much much more! This is our all time favorite for manipulating photographs on our computers. It has way to many features to list them all, but a few are....

  • Create ScreenSavers and wallpaper with ease
  • Email pictures directly from within program
  • interfaces with a wide variety of scanners and cameras
  • Create Calendars and Photo Albums

ACDSee is to pictures what explorer is to windows, a real must have and that is why we have listed it here.

BoldFinger - FREE  Download Here

Boldfinger is the greatest utility since the hammer, and it's 100% less destructive! (Just Kidding)

Actually what Boldfinger does extremely well is control your CAPSLOCK key. If you are like us over here at CC2k you hate your CAPSLOCK key. The little bugger always seems to come on when your are not looking and causes lots of retyping. Boldfinger ends all that. Just unzip it to your startup folder so it runs whenever you boot up. It's great! It disables the CAPSLOCK key util you really want it on, then just hold down the control key while you toggle the CAPSLOCK its that easy. Best of all it uses almost no resources and is only 17k in size!

Spybot Search N Destroy  - FREE

Download Here

Spybot Search N Destroy is a free utility that scans your PC for trojans and adware and removes them. While our personal preference over this is PestPatrol, Spybot is FREE and PestPatrol is not.

In order to help protect you PC you should choose one of these two fine utilities/

PestPatrol - $29.95  Purchase Here

PestPatrol is our first choice over Spyware Doctor. I suppose it is because it has saved us more than once from those annoying adware trojans that hijack your internet explorer and ruin it so thoroughly. We have been hit by them three times, but all three times we were running PestPatrol and were able to ward off the damage with little more than a few minutes inconvenience.

HackTracer 2 Hard To Find but worth it!

Hacktracer is a really great firewall, unfortunately it is no longer being made as it was bought out by McAfee and has gone on to become McAfee Firewall/ We were lucky enough to have tried it before McAfee got it. It is lean and mean and does a nice job of locking down the fort.

We use it in conjunction with Jammer 2, which has also been replaced by "Outpost", by Agnitum. Together they have been a solid defense team.  

Jammer 2   Hard To Find but worth it!

As I mentioned this too has been replaced by a program called Outpost. Outpost is made by the same company "Agnitum" and is the next generation of Jammer I assume.

I won't say much on Outpost since we didn't upgrade from Jammer. But Jammer is a kewl little program, it is exceptional at allowing you to examine and control running tasks, and nothing not even legal installs, can write to a startup portion of the registry without your approval.

FindersKeepers - $29.95   Download Trial

Even though this is not free it is a true gem of a utility. What it does, is find words or phrases inside of almost ant type of document or archive. One example of how we use it is to make phrase or URL changes to our website (in excess of 600 pages). We can tell it what to look for and what to check by directories, drives, etc. It is fully configurable and then WHAM! in just a few seconds it will either find what you are looking for our replace what you need to replace with very little effort. We are still finding unique uses for this utility. Well worth the measly $29.95 Give the trial a spin and see for yourselves!

Various Password Revealers - FREE

Revealer - Not Recommended for WinNT

AsterWin 1.20 - Not Recommended For WinNT

Both of these are very good password tools should you lose your password. However Neither are 100% effective and do not work on password boxes where the password is not stored in the field.

WinZip 10.0 - Trialware -  Download Here

This is a must for every PC user. WinZip is an archive utility used for uncompressing .zip archives

WinRar v3.51 - Trialware - Download Here

This is also a must for every PC user. WinRar is the companion utility to WinZip, used for uncompressing .rar archives. .rar files are often used as an alternative to .zip

F-Secure Anti-Virus - Trialware- Download Here

While I am not 100% sold on the home edition of this virus program the Server Edition works quite nicely with Windows XP and is a very good choice and is one we recommend. It's not a freebie, but neither is the repair bill if you have to have your data recovered because of a run away infection.

More To Come


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