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Before I go on, I want to take a moment to thank The Angel in my Life, Nora, who brightens my days and supplies me with the inspiration that drives my career growth. Thank you my love for just being you!

Now, allow me to introduce myself,

My name is Ron Haines, I'm years old. My interests are application design, web design and computers in general. (which also happens to be my profession)

My formal schooling in computers is self-taught. However, I am pretty smart and I have been heavily involved with computers since 1983 having read just about every article, text book, and manual I could get my hands on back then. Starting out with a TS1000 ZX80 processor, I learned BASIC programming language. I switched to Commodore C=64 in 1984 and learned C=64 BASIC, ASM and 6502 ML. During the next 2 years I wrote a number of subroutines and utility programs as well as a couple of video games.

In late 1984 I began running a BBS on the C=64,  and later on the C=128, finally switching to an AMIGA CNet BBS system in 1985.

Beginning in 1990 I became fascinated with computer graphics and 3D modeling so I started working with Lightwave and Real 3D, (both 3D modeling systems). I also started exploring Brilliance, Scenery Animator and a number of other 3D modeling and paint programs.

Then In 1991, after a layoff from the trucking industry following an accident which injured my neck preventing my from driving big rigs (my primary source of income), I began supporting myself working as a photo restoration artist. I became skilled in the use of various art programs and equipment, and started working with non-linear editing programs, Digital compression schemes, frame grabbers, scanners, dyesub printers and film recorders to accomplish tasks such as photo restorations, video to photo, and photo to video.

1995-2003 I built custom computers, servers and LANs. Repaired PCs, designed websites, created photos and negatives from digital camera files, produced streaming videos and multimedia CDs, as well as streaming audio and video for internet presentations

In 2003 I went to work for a POS (Point of Sales) support company where, after completing my training on McDonald's POS system architecture, I designed custom software for their in-house applications and day to day operations.
I also designed 2 pieces of cutting edge software to meet the expanding needs of POS (Point of Sales) Support. The first was a POS simulation and reference application to aid in training new support technicians, the second was a software application that became know as the "Remote Tech Tool". This state of the art application would connect to a POS system in real time and gather data to remotely diagnose and, if necessary correct any issues that may be present.
The result was an application that could remotely correct a malfunctioning POS system LIVE during business hours in less than 10 minutes. Before the advent of the tech tool a typical support call could take anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours for a repair and relied on the ability of fast food employees to follow direction and act as pseudo onsite technicians.
My other duties included IT administration of their Servers and Workstations, Database programming of their in house software, which at that time was MSAccess based. I also provided Level 5 technical support to our customers, Remote diagnostics and programming of POS systems, and occasional onsite installations of POS equipment/recable of stores/onsite trouble shooting.

In October 2005 I left POS Solutions for the warmer weather of Las Vegas where I worked as IT Administrator and Web Designer for 11 Painter LLC. where I designed and implemented their in-house server, a dozen web sites, and photo retouching for web use.

In November of 2006 I left 11Painter, and went to work as a computer repair technician for a short time with EMS Mobile Computer Services, but fixing computers was very boring to say the least, so in February I took employment with Full Creations LLC. as a software engineer and web applications developer and quickly rose to become lead developer in the firm. Unfortunately, as an upstart company they were unable to meet my needs in the area of compensation and after 6 months of employment I resigned for a better position at The Same Day Group as a full time web application developer.

During my employment with SameDay Group I wrote a number of websites including and both of which did very well especially in Google SERP where they rose very quickly to prominence with many key searches finding them within the top 10 listings. I also created about a half dozen desk top utilities and applications to perform various tasks.

I'm comfortable working with most of today's software, as well as the full range of windows OSs. I'm right at home with graphics and sound editing, video editing, and multimedia productions.

My programming style is a mixture of HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS JavaScript, PHP and MySQL using both Procedural and Object Oriented styles.
I've written almost an equal amount of Back End and Front End (GUI) code.

I've also programmed a number of custom applications and web sites for myself, as well as a small LAN consisting of Name Server, Mail Server with custom filtering, Web Server, 2 File Servers and 4 Workstations for my home office.

Currently I work full time for ACEP LLC. here in Las Vegas Nevada as well as taking on the occasional freelance job creating php web applications, websites of all kinds, and even customizing existing web apps and CMSs to make them more powerful and efficient. I love what I do, take pride in my work and it shows in the sites I create.
Someday I will rewrite, this, the first website I ever created to bring it up to the standards of my other works.

Thank you for having an interest in the author of CC2k, and for visiting CyberCity 2000.

Ron Haines
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 987-1707

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