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Tips for having a great Iparty experience

Internet Party Line is a simple interface that was developed by Intel in 1995. Intel abandoned the project and the program was too confusing for some to setup. CyberCity 2000 has made a few  cosmetic improvements to the interface and packaged it into an easy to install program. We've also made joining chat rooms easier than ever.
Iparty is both a voice and type, chat client. If you get tired of typing, or would just like to hear the person you are speaking with then Iparty may be just what you are looking for.

New at CC2k Beta1.2b Released 01/10/05

Installation is now easier that ever. The NEW CC2k_Iparty is better than ever! We have given the old voice chat a major change. It is now part of a suite of internet suprizes. Improvements recently made require Beta 1.2b or higher to access chat. 

Here are just some of the features!

  • 2 chat rooms
  • Volume and Mute Controls
  • ghost mode
  • no hassle Nick change
  • HaCKeRz v0.0.7

The New application is extremely easy to use just DL the CC2k Plus zip file and extract CC2kPlus.exe to your HDD and create a shortcut. To access all the great things going on at CC2k just open the CC2kPlus file.

At CC2k we don't believe in bulky installations and try to make all our software applications as compact and as simple as possible. It is in the spirit of that tradition we have provided a single file that needs no installation at all! If you decide to stop using it, just delete the file and you're done. It's that simple.


For a limited time you can try our new application for FREE! All we ask is that you drop us a few lines of feed back and let us know what you think and share your ideas on what you would like to see or not see in future releases.

Beta 1.2

  • Performance Improvements
  • Volume and Mute Controls
  • New Rooms <Beta 1.1 incompatable>

Download CC2k Plus Here!

CC2KChat.jpg (80423 bytes)

NEW!   Beta v1.2b - Released 01/10/05

  Or you can download the classic version of Iparty.

Download Classic IParty Here!

Changing your nickname in IParty classic.

Optional Instructions for changing your Nick from the default "<Newbie>"

To change your nick to something other than Newbie open the file client.ipl in notepad or other text editor. The file will be located in a subfolder called "sessions" inside the Iparty folder (or where ever you decided to install it). Simply change the "<Newbie>" portion to whatever nick you wish to be known by.

CAUTION: DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER PORTIONS OF THE FILE, and make sure you have left the quotation marks on each side of the nick.

Then simply save the file back as a txt format and restart the Iparty Interface. That's all, we hope to hear from you real soon.

Don't want to deal with the hassle of Classic Iparty? Then download CC2kPlus from the above link.

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