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Our Beginnings

CyberCity 2000 was quietly launched from Big Bear Ca. in March of 1998. CC2k went from 0-1 hit a day to over a hundred hits a day within the first months, it's only advertising being a few search engines and word of mouth! CyberCity 2000 has enjoyed solid growth and will continue to grow exponentially throughout 1998 and the new millennium.

In the coming year CyberCity 2000 will achieve its goal as a world class sight dedicated to family, functionality, information, and resources. We would like to invite you to bookmark our site, or make it your homepage. CC2k is working day and night bringing you more of what you want in web surfing, with less of the confusion and hassle. At CyberCity 2000 your opinion matters. In fact each piece of email received is carefully reviewed. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our visitors. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line and tell us your likes or dislikes. Also please let us know what you want to see at cc2k.  

The CyberCity 2000 Vision

To provide quality service in a safe family oriented environment. There's more than enough adult content and other undesirable and unsavory advertising on the web already. It is the goal of the staff at CC2k to provide an experience that will keep the visitor coming back. To this end CC2k pledges it's ongoing commitment in bringing the best of the web together in a complete, user friendly environment. It is also our commitment to listen to the suggestions of our visitors, and to improving the overall CC2k experience by providing content based upon those suggestions.

CyberCity 2000 Profile

CyberCity 2000, an internet project dedicated to making information, resources, and educational materials accessible to all. We believe that knowledge in the hands of people make for a better world. We like to think that by maintaining this website we are, in some small way, contributing to the betterment of our world.

Contact Information

At CyberCity 2000 we would like to hear from you. Remember this is your city on the net, if there is something about it that you would like to see added or changed drop us a line. .

CyberCity 2000 is an ongoing project comprised of dreams and reality. It is as vast as the internet itself and yet understandable to the most novice of web surfers. It's our desire to provide you what you are looking for. Therefore your opinion is important to us. Let us know what you think..

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