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CyberCity 2000 entrance

This is the main entrance to CyberCity 2000 don't forget to pick up your MOD player plugin on the way in! It's easy to use and much better than those kludgey HTML type chats. All the commands are listed on the page along with some cool music, give it a try.

Live Chat

Jump on into the CyberCity 2000 chat room and say hello. Our chat room is based on IRC style chat run in Java and it doesn't have the annoyance of those HTML based chat pages. Come on in and give it a try.

Weather Report for your area

Get weather reports for any area of the United States from AccuWeather along with regional weather maps, 5 day forecast for your area selected by either city or zip code, and much more.

Global search Engine

Search all the major search engines. Find it on the first page instead of wading through tons of links you didn't want or need. Our search page also contains the Merriam Webster's dictionary for your convenience as well as the farmer's almanac, an excellent maps system from Maps on Us, just in case you need directions. also you can get the latest of movies and box office results. There is a physicians desk reference and much more. Don't take our word for it come see for yourselves!

CyberCity central information page

Welcome to the central city information directory, here we provide you with easy access to sports, weather, online shopping in our online mall. You will find links to areas such as the research center, our kids games sections offers plenty of fun wholesome online games for kids, our art gallery which showcases entries from many talented artists, and of course all the rest of CyberCity 2000.

From here you can also venture to our Business District where we will be featuring VOffices where you can open a virtual office to have a central point to conduct business from. Also, for all you realtors out there in cyberspace, we have just added HUD listings for the entire united states to the our real estate section. Now you can get the latest HUD listings for any city or state in the entire country. Also, there are many other new and exciting projects underway, but we'll keep those as a surprise for the near future. The fall is going to be a very exciting time at cybercity 2000!

research center

Our research facilities provide you with easy access to information and reference materials on science, history and US government.

Our government links include the white house, the us senate, the house of representatives, the social security administration, the veterans administration, as well as the library of congress, the national archives and many many more.

Our science center offers links to many  excellent hand picked science information centers. We feature such links as pictures from the hubble space telescope, the smithsonian museum, the national aeronautics and space museum, the why files, the union of concerned scientists, NASA the exploratoruim and much more. Why not make us your first stop for research on all your school projects. As always we are here to provide you with quality service and easy access. If you have any comments or suggestion as to how we may improve service in the future please drop us a line. Our email addresses can be found through easy clickable links in the comments section of CyberCity.

For history we are proud to offer links to the history channel as well as their other sites like And we are equally proud to offer links to very extensive online libraries, the internet public library and the www virtual library , both are excellent sources or information.

New to the CC2k research center are the internet public library and the www virtual library, both are excellent sources of reference material. We have also begun adding a wide selection of museums throughout the research center to deal with the need for reference material on subjects such as paleontology, geology, history, fossils and more. So please stop in and check out research center on your visit to CC2k, you'll be glad you did.

art gallery

Our art gallery features fine art, paintings, sculptures, and collectibles. As well as links to other fine galleries.

kids games

Our kids games page features many online games that kids can play without having to install software on mom and dad's computer. You can play games such as battleship, othello, and our CyberCity arcade page features links to many top notch Java games that play with arcade style action right on your browsers screen. We also provide links to Disney Online, Sesame Street, Real Kids, and many other fun and educational kids games sites.

CyberCity 2000 Mall

The shopping mall is now open for your convenience. Featuring all the great shops you would expect to find in a real world mall, without the traffic, crowds or parking hassle. Our goal at CC2k is to provide you with shopping convenience, not shopping pressure. So drop on by and see what CyberCity 2000 has assemble for you, and as always, please don't hesitate to drop us a line and let us know how we can be of further assistance.

music center

The CC2k music center is proud to offer you the finest in MP3s and CDs for your listening pleasure. From VH1 to MTV we are always striving to bring you quality music. While you are there be sure and pick up Real Audio and try out the juke box. Future expansions are always going on and we are continually updating CyberCity to bring you most pleasurable experience on the net.

We have just begun expansion in the Music Center again. We are adding specialized areas to deal with all types of music tastes. These areas will be made available as they are finished through out the months of Sept. and Oct. Be a part of the action and give us your feed back on what your needs and desires are. CC2k is your place on the internet and we want to hear from you.

CyberCity 2000 Virtual Offices are now open.

The Virtual Offices opened today! These are a sort of electronic business card. Get yourselves listed in a variety of categories, from Science and Religion to Organizations and Web Services, we have dozens of categories, one just right for you. Even if you have no knowledge or skill with web pages, opening a virtual office is as easy as filling out a one page form. With CC2k Virtual Offices we will help you get out there and be seen on the net. Simple, easy, and useful, our office search makes childs play out of locating an office or service in your area. Drop by and fill one out today.

FYI, CC2k is dedicated to being user friendly and to maintain this high standard we want you to rest assured that your office information is kept in strict confidence. Every piece of information you submit is stored away in secure data bases away from the prying eyes of web bots (search codes sent out by spammers and others to collect your personal info). We want you to know that your information can only be viewed by individual search from our site. By people looking for your service or business! We will NEVER sell or use your virtual office information for spam and have taken many precautions to insure your virtual office is only able to be viewed for the purpose of advertising your business or services. So why not drop on by and open a virtual office today and see how business on the net was meant to be.

All of us here at CyberCity hope you enjoy your stay and wish you a pleasurable visit.

At CyberCity we are dedicated to bringing you the very finest aspects of the internet without all the confusion.

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