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** ALL NEW ** From the people at CC2k

NEWS FLASH :  We are improving the CC2k Iparty Voice Chat and it will return later this month.

Introducing the ALL NEW IParty GUI by CyberCorp 2000 LLC.

Just compare all the new features we've added to Iparty Voice Chat!

The old Iparty voice chat program

The old Iparty chat program

The all new Iparty voice chat interface by CC2k.

Download The ALL NEW IParty Plus Voice Chat from CC2k

  • It was hard to setup, unless your were a technician.
  • You had to edit your nickname and room files by hand.
  • You needed to email or call friends with your ip address.
  • It was very hard to find or keep track of rooms that were up.
  • It needed to be installed on your computer to use it.
  • No Installation Required
  • P2P Private Rooms
  • Easy to change Nickname
  • Built in Ghost Mode
  • Built in Room Lists
  • Simple Click to Join Feature
  • Simple Room Creation
    ** COMING SOON **
  • Who's on feature
  • Personal Web Pages
  • Password Protect Rooms
  • Custom Room Skins
Iparty has just gotten better!
Here at CC2k have completely overhauled the way iparty chat works. We have made it part of an all new interface which includes a lot of old familiar features plus a lot of new ones too. We have made doing obscure things like changing your nick name and ghost mode as simple as clicking a button. We've added volume and mute control right on the main interface, and that's not all.
We're at it again and this time the improvements are awesome.
We've added easy access to the NEW CyberCity 2000 website and the ALL NEW Online Interactive Game,  HaCKeRz *.


For those new to Iparty, you will find it to be the  easiest chat client you will ever use. For the Iparty veterans out here, you'll discover we have redefined the next generation of Iparty Chat. You don't even need to install the new client. Just choose OPEN or RUN when the download starts. The program is fully self contained and can be used without saving it to your hard drive first. Of course, if you want to have it handy then just save it to your computer and make a shortcut to it.

We'll be releasing an installer later on this summer for those who do want to install the new CC2k version of Iparty but aren't sure how to add it to there start menu or desktop. There is no difference in how the program runs, but it will save the download time (all of about 30 seconds) whenever you want to use it.


Please read this DISCLAIMER before using chat

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The first official Iparty Pranks Page

Tips for having a great Iparty experience

Screen Shots of the new CC2k Iparty Voice Chat Application

Screen Shots will be here this weekend too!



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