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Finding a Lawyer

The short articles on the right are intended to help you understand the meaning of different situations in which it you should be represented by or seek the advice of an attorney or lawyer. They were also written to stress the importance of seeking a QUALIFIED attorney or lawyer. By qualified we mean those legal representatives who specialize in the legal area you need help for. When seeking legal advice don't just settle for any lawyer or attorney, seek out one who is trained in the area of your needs. Remember It is your life, don't treat it as if it were not worth your time and effort, IT IS!

Useful Links

Here are a few links to help you in your search for qualified attorneys and legal finance aid. We sincerely hope the information provided here has convinced you not to face your legal problems alone and we wish you much success and a happy outcome with your issues.


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  • Immigration
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  • Divorce

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Do you need a Personal Injury Attorney
YES, Whether you have been involved in a personal injury or an accident such as an auto accident or motorcycle accident you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. Dealing with injury accidents is not always as cut and dry as it might seem. You should always seek the advice of an injury accident attorney when dealing with insurance claims adjusters and insurance investigators..

Divorce Attorneys / Family Attorneys
A divorce can be a very traumatic time in your life. Divorce can cause stress that can affect your job and social life, even your health can be affected. Maybe you are a parent in which case divorce brings the added problems and stress of custody battles, child support, and separation from your children. DON'T go into a divorce battle unarmed! Bring a divorce attorney or lawyer to defend your rights.

Tax Attorneys and the I.R.S.
Taxes are another issue where you really need the aid of a qualified tax attorney or lawyer. The IRS is NOT your friend, they are not there to help you, they are there to take YOUR money. Getting a fair settlement with the IRS is not an easy task. A qualified tax attorney can help you get out from under your IRS debt with the least possible expense. The IRS is ruthless and one final word of advice is ...
If you are facing debt with the IRS do NOT delay. The IRS can quickly turn a few hundred dollars owed them into thousands, even tens of thousands seemingly overnight. If you owe the IRS money seek legal advice and resolve your debt immediately. I say this from experience!

Criminal Defense Attorneys
Have you been accused of a crime? If you have then you need a qualified criminal attorney or lawyer to defend you. Going into court to stand criminal charges without the aid of a qualified criminal attorney is like committing suicide. The courts are not your friend and in times of being accused the police are not your friends either. No matter how sweet the police seem, do NOT talk to police or investigators until you have an attorney present. Make every effort to hire a qualified outside attorney, too often public defenders are not the best choice and innocent people end up with plea bargains when they should have go free. Always seek and retain a qualified criminal attorney as the FIRST step in defending yourself against criminal charges!

Bankruptcy Lawyers
If you are in debt over your head and bankruptcy seems the only answer then seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney or lawyer. They can advise you one which course of action is right for you. They can help you with advice on how to handle credit
agencies and debt collectors. They can provide advice on how to deal with embarrassing phone calls and guide you through the process of filing bankruptcy or they may be able to help you with alternatives to bankruptcy depending on your personal situation.

Immigration Attorneys
If you have a problem with immigration or are seeking to become an immigrant then you should seek the aid of a qualified immigration attorney or lawyer. The INS can be pretty hard on the individual these days, especially after 9/11, a qualified immigration attorney can help you with filing the right forms and aid you in filling the forms out and filing them correctly. Using an immigration attorney can help you through the process of immigration with less stress and less hassle.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers / Professional Malpractice
Do you think you have been a victim of medical malpractice committed by a doctor, hospital, or other medical personnel? If so, you should seek advice from a qualified medical malpractice attorney or lawyer. An attorney specializing in medical malpractice can assist you with a professional opinion on your legal options, can help you find a doctor for a qualified medical opinion and if warranted can help you in filing an
pursuing a medical malpractice claim against those responsible.

Accused of driving while intoxicated / DWI / DUI

Have you received a ticket for DWI or DUI also respectively known as Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence? If you were ticketed or arrested for either of these charges you should seek the advice of a qualified attorney or lawyer to aid you in posting bail, if necessary and with your defense when you day in court arrives.

Auto Accident Attorneys / Slip and Fall
A qualified personal injury lawyer or attorney can advise you if you have been involved in a "slip and fall" situation. Injury accidents are sometimes caused by negligence or other careless situations. You should seek
consultation from a qualified attorney to help you decide if you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses and/or pain and suffering related to your "slip and fall" injury.

Real Estate Lawyers

With the soaring cost of real estate and housing prices over the last decade it only makes good sense to consult a qualified real estate attorney before making that big purchase. A real estate lawyer can go over the legal documents such as title, insurance and escrow papers and can help you decide if you are getting the deal you think you are. A qualified real estate attorney can also help you stop any trouble areas in the legality and liabilities of a property purchase before the purchase is finalized. Real estate purchases are major investments and it just makes good sense to consult an attorney or lawyer specialized in real estate before signing any papers finalizing you commitment to purchase.

Probate Attorneys and Wills
A death of someone close to you can be a trying time and you should seek the advice of a professional specializing in probate law. Likewise taking care of your loved ones and protecting them from wolves after your demise is equally as important. You should always seek the advise of a qualified attorney specializing in wills and   probate law to help you prepare a binding legal document to protect your loved ones and assure that those to whom you intended to leave your earthly belongings and wealth receive them. A will can help assure your estate is distributed as you intended. Always seek the advice of a probate lawyer when dealing in these matters.

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