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Get technical support, play kid games, and chat with friends. Find information or get the latest news and weather.

Welcome to CC2k - Information Entertainment & Fun 
  • Technical Support: CC2k offers information and tips for the do-it-yourself PC user. You will find tips and tricks for upgrading old systems as well as building a new PC.
  • Virus Protection: There are plenty of free virus removal tools from McAfee and Norton Anti-Virus, as well as tips to save your data from loss, and to help you recover lost data
  • Government information: CC2k features links to most important government offices in the United States and Canada.
  • Kid Games and Entertainment: Relax and enjoy yourself playing our online games for children and adults alike. Sit back and listen to one of our online audio presentations, or jump to Pogo to play some of their excellent online games, or just tune into CC2kRadio for some great music while you surf.
  • Chat and Social Connections: At CC2k you can chat live with friends or relatives with iparty. Send online greeting cards to that special someone. Check out the dating service and see if you can find that special someone.
  • Complete Online Shopping for Name Brand Merchandise: Featuring major stores like Disney, CompUSA, Macy's Vermont Teddy Bear and Frederick's of Hollywood. Search by category or search engine as well as a unique 3D browser designed to deliver a more natural shopping experience.

Whether you are looking for news and information a place to meet new people or just someplace to hang out and have fun, give CC2k a try.

Update News: 
There are lots of improvements and remodeling going on at CC2k. Most of this old site will eventually be subdivided into improved and specialized areas and this page will serve as a central hub linking the CC2k community together and, well, I'm sort of attached to this old girl, after all she was my very first attempt at web design and although a lot of people say its getting old fashioned there is still a lot of treasure hidden in her pages. CC2k is actually bigger than it looks with over 600 pages of games, information, stories for kids and live chat for meeting people, it really is a tribute to where it all started, so I guess it will be here for a long time to come. The web was meant to belong to the people and CC2k is hard at work making that vision reality.


The Internet Mall is open - 180 stores and 2.9 million items!

We have completed work on The Indoor Internet Mall featuring 180 shops and over 2.9 million items so you can save gas time and money. This mall is as it should be, we put in many ways to find exactly what you are shopping for.
You can shop by category like shoes or clothes for instance and it will display all the stores that sell apparel. And there are plenty of easy to recognize categories to shop through too.
The Indoor Internet Mall is laid out much like a real world shopping mall, when you arrive at the front of the mall you will be greeted by a state of the art navigational system and finding things is very familiar, much like the kiosks that great you near the entrances of real world shopping malls, but with one big advantage...
At the Internet Mall you can find what you are looking for in one of 3 ways.

  • In store search - find what you are looking for!
  • Clicking on the stores name tag - Go straight to Store
  • Choose a category - List only stores carrying those items

Lets take a look at how they all work.

The Kiosk is just like the ones you are used to seeing near the entrances to real world malls, but there's an important difference. YOU WON"T HAVE TO WALK A MILE JUST TO GET THERE! That's right, just click on the store's nameplate and you will instantly find yourself inside that store.

Another advantage at this mall's entrance is the category list. Choose a category and the kiosk will change, displaying only those stores which carry those items.

Once you are in a store just type what you are looking for to search thousands of items in seconds, finding what you are looking for is never a hassle.

Business To Business Marketing offers free accounts with exclusive email flyer tools for making professional looking email flyers in minutes.

Our latest development at CC2k is our B2B marketing service. The site features some exclusive tools that allow you to see you flyers at every stage in the development and are geared towards helping even the most novice users create professional looking business flyers with ease.

Cybercity 2000 brings you more information and services
 *  Virus Removal and protection
 *  Computer Repair Tutorials and Tips
 *  Online shopping that saves you gas time and money.
 *  Personal Home page creation
 *  Voice chat & text messaging.

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live chat rooms with text and voice listen online to live internet radio kid games and activities for all ages

Free B2B Accounts Include:

  • All Email Flyer Creation Tools
  • Text and Video Tutorials
  • Up to 100 email contacts
  • Send up to 200 emails per month
  • Create Unlimited Email Flyers
  • Email Campaign Tracking
  • Schedule Email to be sent at any time or date
  • Upgrade at any time to include more contacts or email sends
  • Live Tech Support
  • WYSIWYG Email Flyer creation tools
  • Advanced Email Flyer Creation Tools for advanced users.
  • Create Email Flyers from your existing images or HTML code

The Indoor Internet Mall and Business To Business Marketing are just two more ways in which CC2k is improving the internet one page at a time.™

NOTICE: The spam free email account project has been scrapped due to abuse.

It was unfortunate but within days of opening the No Peddlers Site for accounts unscrupulous users attempted to use it for staging spam mail and various type of email scams.

It has been a long standing policy, as well as the founding philosophy of CC2k, to prohibit anyone from undermining the family values and business ethics of our company, and so it is with great sadness that we have closed our offer of free email accounts indefinitely.

It has also come to our attention that the major offenders of this atrocity are hackers and scam artists in parts of Europe, Russia, South East Asia and Africa. Due to the inconceivable volume of problems we encountered by allowing  access from these nations it has been decided, for the benefit of all, that CC2k policy will now be to block these nations COMPLETELY from all our servers and websites until which time they can prove to us that they have dealt with the rampant problems of these seedy characters operating within their countries.

Back to Good News and Lighter Topics...

We are also working hard to complete the redesign of CC2k Radio and return it back to full operation with commercial free music, talk shows and live events.

Our Internet Voice Chat is in its third revision and we are looking for people to beta-test and report on its operation. If you would like to help our simply go to Live Chat by either clicking the Live Chat image above or use one of the other links on this page. Click on the link in the chat page to download the application. Note: you do not need to save the program, you can simply run it from the web if you choose. It is a single exe file and will run from temporary memory. When you close the program it will remove itself also, saving you memory and hard drive space. wouldn't it be great if all programs could be designed this way   


We have started a more user friendly CyberCity 2000 and to get things rolling we've added dozens of new flash games for kids of all ages to play online.
Please give us your feedback on the New so we can make it the perfect fit for your whole family.

Information - Entertainment - Communication

CC2k has been serving the internet since 1998

CyberCity 2000 is dedicated to bringing you the best the internet has to offer. We feature direct links to government information and programs like grants and student loans. There are areas for entertainment like CC2k Radio, our live 24/7 internet music station, and our completely revised IParty voice chat interface. For those seeking a soul mate check out our dating section and when you've found that special someone, send them a free online greeting card at the CC2k Post Office.

If you have kids and small children why not check out our Just For Kids area of CC2k.

We have plenty of free online games for them to play, streaming audio stories like the hobbit and lord of the rings, and other great things to do.

So no matter what you are looking for, we believe CC2k has something for everyone and true to our commitment of 8 years now, we will never annoy you with spam mail or unwanted pop-up advertising. CyberCity 2000 has and always will be dedicated to making the internet a fun, informative and casual experience. So go ahead and book mark us, or if you have a website of your own, link to us. You'll be helping to make the internet what it should be while adding value to your own site.

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